The Ultimate Free Stuff Guide
Free Stuff Everyday is my personal guide and learnt experiences on how to get products for free, its a great guide for people and companies who just love getting freebies. It’s based on techniques read by over 100,000 customers and businesses who’ve read my website and is the same processes I will show you how I get products for free and share them with you.

Author Seen In:

“…an easy read, doesn’t outstay its welcome, and genuinely gives you some ideas about how to start out getting stuff “for free” – Peter Hesyltyne

“There’s enough examples of different approaches in the book to suit any personality, and the author makes sure he tells you what pitfalls not to fall into if you want repeat freebies.” – Julie Cutler

“This is a well put together book that will provide help to a great number of people looking to trade their skills for free products.” – Will Rooney

“One of the main reasons I got into free stuff is because of this book, Mike really inspired me to open my site, and help people find freebies!” – All Free Stuff Owner