Readers Reviews

Free Stuff Everyday has been reviewed by the press, bloggers and readers all of whom found the tips contained within helpful for getting freebies. Here’s the best reviews:

“He covers topics like how to initiate contact, gives you a template, and he even tells you what to do if you get rejected. Do’s and don’ts, safety tips, a micro course in PR and self improvement, he covers pretty much the gamut of the who, what, where, when, why and how to get freebies.” – The Scribes Desk

“I’ve tried a few of his examples and they really do work. Mike writes straightforward and there are no gimmicks.” – Minding Spot

Free Stuff Everyday Guide outlines how to get free stuff and how to do it ethically. But unlike a lot of other “get free stuff” resources, Essex focuses his book on getting larger-scale freebies simply by contacting companies. – Christina Brown (Northern Cheapskate)

“This is a good book for anyone wanting to get free items from various people. Mike is straight to the point on how to get things done and offers a lot of advice and examples. Some of these I have tired and still do and it does work.” – Barbara Hightower (Amazon review)

“Not only is it a book which guides you to get free products from companies, It is well written as well, It really mesmerises you. When i started reading this book, I didn’t stop until it was finished. It is written in a way which shows what you have to do, how you do it and then Mike gives his personal examples and his success story with companies, It really grasps you to want to know more.” – Yo Reviews

“Free Stuff Everyday is a well written book by someone who’s obviously very passionate about the subject of getting free stuff. Honestly in these, still shaky, economic times it may do a lot of people a favor if they read it.” Vanessa

“…an easy read, doesn’t outstay its welcome, and genuinely gives you some ideas about how to start out getting stuff “for free” – Peter Hesyltyne (Amazon review)

“There’s enough examples of different approaches in the book to suit any personality, and the author makes sure he tells you what pitfalls not to fall into if you want repeat freebies. His website is good too! ” – Julie Cutler (Amazon review)

“This is a well put together book that will provide help to a great number of people looking to trade their skills for free products.” – Will Rooney (Amazon review)